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Big data in India in 2016: The ice thaws, a little

Big data in India in 2016: The ice thaws, a little

Analytics is going to be a big deal within Indian enterprises in 2016, that's a certainty. But what about big data? Here's the picture CIO India's research points to. 

By Sunil Shah
Analysis Jan 28th 2016

From our research and conversations with Indian CIOs, it is clear that while mobility dominated 2015's enterprise IT plans, analytics will do that in 2016. Unlike mobility however, IT projects involving analytics are harder to conceptualize, execute and complete. They require many more IT and business handshakes and a greater understanding of business' constantly-changing needs. 

That is why, it is important to note what challenges CIOs expect from their business intelligence and analytics projects in 2016.

What's more interesting, however, is to find out what's coming up beyond business intelligence. We wanted to know where Indian CIOs stood vis-a-vis big data. What we found can be described as a slow embrace. Indian companies seem to be warming up to big data, but at a slower pace than you would imagine. 

A fifth of Indian CIOs say they are using tools in their production environment to cope with big data. That's up from 13 percent last year. That's an indicator of their slow acceptance of big data. Another, more basic, indicator is whether their companies understand the difference between data and big data. 

Among those companies that claim they use big data tools, we found a greater propensity to use Hadoop Distro. That said, a majority still say they don't use big data tools within their organizations.