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IoT in 2016: Still just a buzzword, just a little less so

IoT in 2016: Still just a buzzword, just a little less so

Despite the media frenzy around the Internet of Things, a full 60 percent of Indian enterprises don't have IoT on their roadmap for 2016. The good news? That number is shrinking.

By Sunil Shah
Analysis Jan 28th 2016

In 2015, the Internet of Things captured the imagination of the world. There was plenty of noise around the power of the Internet of Things, with media organizations, both those with a technology focus and more mainstream ones, covering use IoT cases.

But that's the media. On the ground, in India, clearly, IoT is still just a buzzword. A majority of Indian IT leaders report that they don’t have a definite roadmap for the Internet of Things in 2016.

Among those who showed interest in applying the concept for their organizations, security came up as the single biggest challenge. We suspect that as more technology vendors work together in 2016 to create cleaner frameworks and a more secure environment, security should become less of an issue.

So which industry is most likely to take to IoT in 2016? We asked Indian CIOs, hoping to get a sense of where they think we are likely to see the apperance of IoT solutions. Surprisingly, healthcare and retail, ranked low.