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Cloud forecast 2016: Sliding down the trough of disillusionment

Cloud forecast 2016: Sliding down the trough of disillusionment

As more Indian enterprises get familiar with hybrid and public clouds, we’ve begun to see signs of wariness, according to CIO India research. In 2016, the cloud will work through some of that angst.

By Sunil Shah
Analysis Jan 28th 2016

You know that troubled phase when you’re kids go through acne? And people say, “Ah! Don’t worry, they are just growing up.”

The cloud’s going though its acne phase in India. Over last half year, as cloud maturity has increased and more Indian companies have got familiar with the cloud, there’s been a slight rise in number of CIOs who seem troubled with cloud computing.

There is a silver lining to this hard period (hard for the cloud, that is). It demonstrates that CIOs in India are really embracing the cloud—as opposed to merely paying it lip service. There’s no better proof that a technology has made it than when it works through its kinks and its existential crisis.

Metaphors aside, there’s hard proof that the cloud is maturing in India. A few years ago, CIO India first reported on the massive shift that occurred when the majority of Indian enterprises moved from using private clouds to hybrid clouds.

Now, we’ve begun to see signs of a similar shift taking place. Only this time, it’s from hybrid clouds to pure-play public clouds.

For the first time, there’s been an uptick in the number of CIOs who say they are using, or planning to use public clouds. While the majority still prefer hybrid clouds, that number has shrunk.

With greater use, there’s also a greater number of Indian IT leaders who believe cloud computing poses greater risks--when compared to outsourcing vendors.

Upfront, that might seem counter-intuitive. You would think that as more enterprises used the cloud, they’d dispel many of their fears and get more comfortable with it. But that’s the thing with growing up, sometimes you have growing pains.

As more Indian firms slide off the peak of cloud hype, a small, but growing number are finding themselves in the trough of disillusionment. And as a result, we’ve begun to see more companies reverse migrate from the public cloud. In at least one case, the CIO of a large company said they had jumped off the cloud because as more staffers started using cloud services they quickly saw costs spiraling.

To get a better sense of the why Indian CIOs are reverse migrating from the cloud. Here are some of the top challenges they say they face. And some of the top benefits.

Here are the challenges and the benefits of using the hybrid cloud.